MARCELINO, proizvodnja, trgovina in storitve, d.o.o.


Web experts and agency for web sites, online shops, e-mail marketing, rental of servers, google adwords, advertising yandex, mining experts, marketing research, creating a product prototype.

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We would like to highlight in particular WP TASK CRM, which is an agile, very fast and lean tool for creating tasks, processes or small databases.
It is used by lean companies and runs on open source WordPress technology. Interface can be quickly translated into 10+ languages in real time, it can be translated with a high-quality AI module into 10+ languages, including Japanese. And the translations are written to the database. Therefore, the program is suitable for project and process management for cross-border companies, too.
Our customers usually use Linux servers in the cloud, but they can also be installed on an Intranet or hosted somewhere. We currently offer server maintenance in centers in Germany and the Netherlands, AWS, as we work with Yandex and Alibaba Cloud, too. In addition to the agility of the program, the advantage is that the data are  on the client’s servers. We also have extranet references on the Windows environment (http://si-at.euhttp://si-hr.eu

We used open source WordPress because it enables fast and cost-effective implementation, a combination of many plug-ins, of course security-proven. That is, rapid implementation and cost-effective maintenance, but still a high level of security with guaranteed system upgrades. With this, we are able as a small company to manage a wide and very powerful system. The program was presented at the Slovenian Informatics Day 2019.

The programme is used by companies in Slovenia and Austria and one cross-border company in Serbia and Croatia for lean process and project management.

The main reference and our client is Celjske mesnine d.d. (one of the largest food processors in Slovenia). CM use WPTASKCRM to support the Food Defense Standard. Tasks and processes are designed for product and laboratory development, processing, complaints, marketing and sales department. In this way, they can provide traceability and support for products that are globally placed on the shelves of the Aldi  discount supermarket chains (