Economic community

The Economic Community Bleiburg-Feistritz/Pliberk-Bistrica is a community that represents the economic interests of various entrepreneurs in the communities of Bleiburg and Feistritz. The community has set itself the goal of networking and cooperation between companies to strengthen the regional community and also acts as a direct intermediator to the municipality of Bleiburg and the market town of Feistritz in order to optimally develop the local business.

The economic community was founded in 2009 with 11 businesses in Bleiburg/Pliberk and expanded in 2016 to the neighbouring municipality of Feistritz/Bistrica. We are an alliance, a community of economic enterprises of both municipalities. The business community currently has about 80 members and organizes a trade fair, marketing campaigns and joint events. The spring fair is an important showcase for the regional economy and a signal of its strength. The community tries to combine all forces, to make sustainable contributions and to set the right accents for the future. The economic community is the publisher of various publications, including the “Messenews” and the “Weihnachtsjournal”. More than 4000 employees work in our companies and are the most important economic factor of South Carinthia.

The economic community organizes:

  • Bleiburger B2B Messe
  • Spring Fair
  • Casino Week
  • Pub Party in November
  • 12.000 Euro Christmas Raffle
  • St. Michael Christmas bazaar
  • Bleiburg in Christmas magic and
  • Rockin Christmas with a big final raffle
  • The member businesses of the business community elect the association’s board from among their members. Chairman is Michael Šumnik, cashier is Ernst Britzmann, deputy chairman is Richard Steiner.